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Someday, somehow those of you reading this are going to die. In fact everyone not reading this is going to die as well. Everyone you know or have ever met will also be dying. Indeed what a great and final equalizer death is for there is not one person on this planet, rich or poor, privileged or downtrodden who will not be dying once their 'living' is done. And if it is the ONLY thing beside birth we know we will ALL be doing why it is so hard to talk about, read about, think about and... + read more
"No man is an island, entire of itself, every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main" John Donne Human beings do not thrive when isolated from each other, so shouldn't the same be true for massage therapists? Massage is often times a pretty lonely profession. This is not something that will come up in your training, nor will it really be discussed in the class room. This is true because around 70% of 'learning' happens through experience (Charles Jennings,... + read more
A regular question I ask practitioners when they tell me they aren't busy and don't know why is 'how many of your clients come back after their first appointment?' Do you track your client retention? If not then it's time to start. I have a list of all clients that visit my practice and how many times they come back. If you don't know these figures you can't address any potential problems. What’s a good return rate? If more than 20% of you new clients don... + read more
by Greg Morling Research evidence exists that shows massage therapy may be helpful in effecting some of the symptoms and behaviours associated with autism spectrum disorder. (J Clin Psychiatry 2011;72(3):406-411).  Around 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and anecdotal reports and studies such as the one sited here, continue to suggest that massage therapy may benefit people with ADS. Nurturing touch and regular sensory integration appear to reduce... + read more
For those of us of a certain age, do you remember the Castrol TV ad with the catchphrase “oils ain’t oils”? Well the same can be said for massage oil. We all know it can be expensive to start up and run a new business so you may look at areas where you can cost cut and make savings. Your massage oil should not be one of them and here’s why: You get what you pay for Vegetable oil, olive oil or cheap supermarket body lotions may seem less expensive than professional... + read more


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